Types of Kitchen Furniture

Kitchen furniture offers storage and cooking equipment, as well as an inviting spot to gather around and relax. Discover design concepts that combine style with functionality – like these black cabinets trimmed with brass hardware.

Kitchen cabinets may be frameless or face-frame construction; however, solid wood is the superior material due to its durability and 3-D aesthetic appearance.


Cabinets are an integral component of kitchen storage and design. Constructed from strong and sturdy material, cabinets must withstand weight for extended periods without damage and be installed directly on wall studs or overhanging soffits depending on room layout.

Wall cabinets typically range in widths between 9 to 48 inches and depths from 12 to 24 inches, with deeper units making great pantry cabinets to store brooms, mops, or appliances. Taller cabinets can run floor-to-ceiling or create an alcove around your refrigerator.

Cabinet boxes are typically constructed of plywood or high-grade particle board with a wood veneer finish to complete their interior, and solid wood doors and drawer fronts such as oak or maple are commonly chosen as fronts; other popular choices may include hickory, cherry and alder. Corner and blind cabinets often come equipped with push-to-open mechanisms that enable smooth opening.


Counters are at the heart of every kitchen, where we follow recipes, chop, stir and prepare food; pay bills, take messages, help with homework and host guests. Therefore, they need to look attractive while being resilient enough to withstand heat, knife jabs, spills and more.

Dan DiClerico has spent over two decades covering the countertop industry, visiting fabricator shops, showrooms, kitchen and bath stores as well as Good Housekeeping’s kitchen counter testing program and consumer surveys to gain an in-depth knowledge.

Laminate countertops such as Formica and Nevamar are affordable, easy to install, and come in an array of colors. Their uniformity may appeal to some homeowners; however scratches and dents may show over time and should be resealed periodically. Wood counters add warmth and charm, and for best durability treat them with food-grade mineral oil every month or so – treated butcher blocks make an especially great fit in farmhouse kitchens but are equally suitable as islands and bar counters.


Appliances in the kitchen serve to perform cooking, storage and cleaning functions. These electric or gas powered devices include ovens, refrigerators and dishwashers – as well as smaller ones such as blenders and coffee makers – designed by manufacturers for ease of operation and space saving features.

Before selecting an appliance, think carefully about which features are most important to you. Chefs and bakers may justify professional-grade options with advanced time and temperature displays they can control remotely, while regardless of its type, visit retailers or showrooms to view product demonstrations before making your purchase. Their sales representatives should understand each brand’s distinctive features so as to help find one suitable for your home kitchen.

Tables & Chairs

A table is a flat piece of furniture with a raised surface and one or more legs, used for eating food, studying, working, or other purposes. There are different kinds of tables used around the home that vary in terms of size, design, theme and style.

An L-shaped dining area arrangement in a kitchen furniture design is becoming increasingly popular and convenient in today’s homes, making the L-shape perfect for small spaces as it enables fridge and sink proximity without losing too much precious real estate in the middle of your kitchen.

According to Vastu Shastra, having white in your kitchen is considered beneficial to its feng shui. Being neutral, white adds value and peace within your home while being compatible with multiple colors; additionally it is available as high pressure laminate which is both durable and cost-effective.

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