How to Choose a Kitchen Door Style

Cabinet doors are one of the most prominent elements in any kitchen and can have an enormous influence on its design. There are countless styles to choose from so homeowners can find an option that complements both their lifestyle and budget.

Flush hinges make installing new cabinet doors incredibly straightforward; simply aligning their pilot holes with those found on the frame is enough to complete this step.


Natural wood kitchen doors are an timeless classic. Showcasing the beautiful grain patterns of various species, natural wood doors can bring character and warmth into any space. Closed-grain woods like pine or tulipwood offer durability at an economical price point – ideal choices for traditional as well as contemporary styles alike.

Wood veneered doors crafted from solid woods like ash and maple have an elegant appearance, available with painted or stained finishes to give an eye-catching finish. Glazing can create two-tone effects and accented trim panels such as recessed or flat panels can add depth and dimension.

Dark woods are known for their rich, luxurious appearance and can add a dramatic flair to any kitchen. Unfortunately, darker woods are more susceptible to changing temperatures and moisture levels which may compromise paint finish quality, so care must be taken in maintaining these door types for their best appearance.

Raised Panel

Raised panel cabinet doors are timeless classics that exude elegance and sophistication. These versatile door types work with various design styles and can even be combined with other types of doors to create a unique, customized aesthetic.

These cabinets feature a center panel that is both recessed and raised to line up with the frame, giving a classic or traditional kitchen design an aesthetic. Crafted from solid wood or veneer materials.

Raised panel doors tend to be more expensive than their flat panel counterparts; their exact cost varies according to style, box construction and materials used. Many homeowners prefer flat panels due to their sleeker appearance which is less susceptible to finger or smudge prints and easier to keep clean as there aren’t as many intricate areas for dirt to accumulate.


Beadboard kitchen cabinets are an timeless classic that suits many aesthetics. It consists of a 4-piece frame with beadboard center featuring vertical wood slats that give each door texture and dimension.

This style works especially well in Mediterranean-style homes, yet can easily be updated to work with modern home layouts and details. Furthermore, painting in warm hues adds a homey charm that brings warmth into any space.

These cabinet doors can be found both made from natural wood, as well as medium-density fiberboard (MDF). MDF accepts paint well while being resistant to humidity fluctuations – making it the perfect material choice for this type of design.


Distressed cabinet doors add an antiqued, farmhouse or shabby-chic aesthetic. This effect is achieved by sanding away edges of doors until natural wood surfaces emerge, then covering it in different textures and marks such as screw impressions, nail impressions, wear marks, wear holes, scrapes, rasp marks, flyspecs or paint brush marks – and the list continues.

This technique can also be done on Thermofoil doors, which use plastic coating over medium density fiberboard to produce durable yet low maintenance doors. However, unlike Thermofoil doors, which cannot be stained or painted as darker hues can fade quickly with exposure to sunlight and heat; to avoid damage it’s crucial that this surface be protected with a non-yellowing sealer to preserve its finish and keep its aesthetic.


Slab or flat cabinet doors are an increasingly popular choice in contemporary kitchens, adding an uncluttered, minimalist vibe and providing space for other design elements like metallic hardware or industrial light fixtures to stand out.

Veneered or real wood doors make an excellent addition to modern kitchens. Constructed with an MDF or birch-ply core and covered by a layer of veneer wood veneer, they combine durability with beauty, as well as being painted in various neutral tones for additional versatility.

Metal doors add a modern touch to any kitchen design. Their striking aesthetic can create a striking focal point in any space; with various styles, sizes, and finishes available. Not to mention how durable and simple to maintain they are! Whether used to replace raised panel or slab door fronts they will certainly become part of the fabric of any room in which they reside.

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