How to Use a Mirror in the Bathroom to Make a Statement

Bathroom mirrors serve a practical function, but that doesn’t preclude them from also becoming works of art.

Illuminated mirrors create an appealing aesthetic and make any space brighter by simulating natural lighting.

Use a natural wooden frame for timeless style that complements multiple bathroom decor styles.


People tend to associate wall mirrors with rectangles and squares that hang above vanity desks, but there’s much more variety when it comes to shapes and sizes of mirrors available on the market. Round mirrors add softness in rooms featuring hard surfaces or crisp lines while an octagonal shape adds modern geometricity.

Framed mirrors add an aesthetic flourish to a bathroom space, giving it more decorative depth and adding the sense of artful display. Bronze options coordinate well with faucets and hardware while wood frames offer timeless charm for most styles of bathrooms.

Medicine cabinet mirrors offer ample storage while still allowing you to check your hair and makeup in peace. Plus, these options can even be integrated into the wall for a sleeker look! Just be mindful that any heavy or framed mirror may make shipping costs prohibitive; also check if there are enough installation materials or professional support necessary for secure installation of such pieces.


Lighting fixtures above mirrors can create an appealing, flattering effect; however, too close to them could cast shadows onto your face and neck. For best results, lights should be placed 2 to 3 feet off of the floor for best results.

Recessed lights (also referred to as downlighting) can be an ideal addition to the bathroom, providing ambient illumination without creating harsh shadows on the face and neck while also offering enough visibility for grooming tasks. When installing recessed lights in your bathroom make sure they use the same dimming switch as vanity lights for smooth switching between task and ambient settings.

LED bathroom lights are increasingly popular due to their energy efficiency and ability to accurately portray skin tones, and you can select bulbs of any hue to complement the ambiance of any given bathroom. Warmer hues create an idyllic spa-like experience while cooler white hues can give a refreshing boost and invigorate you!


Based on your bathroom size and storage needs, it may make sense to invest in a mirror that doubles as storage. A medicine cabinet mirror is an efficient solution that can hold medications, combs and other grooming accessories safely – an especially smart idea in ensuites or main bathrooms with limited available storage spaces.

An additional way to maximize storage is selecting a frame with built-in shelves or hanging decorative baskets on the wall for small objects.

Mirrors can be more than a practical accessory; they provide an opportunity to play with shapes and composition. Geometrically-shaped mirrors add visual interest while still fitting with modern aesthetic choices, while timeless rectangle and circle shapes offer classic appeal.


Mirrors are essential in the bathroom as they allow one to easily check clothing is fitting correctly, detect zits before they spread further and repair hair mishaps. Furthermore, mirrors help one assess their own appearance as they get dressed or ready for their day.

If your bathroom lacks natural lighting, using a large mirror to reflect light around can make the room appear larger and brighter. Mirrors come in all sorts of shapes and sizes that fit any style from modern to classic.

Curved mirrors create a more relaxing aesthetic than straight mirrors and some even feature intricate frames for added elegance and opulence. However, many homeowners prefer simple frameless designs in order to reduce costs and ensure the bathroom remains beautiful while being functional at once.

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