5 Ways to Organize Your Bathroom With a Bathroom Organizer Rack

An effective bathroom shelf organizer rack can make an enormous difference in an otherwise disorganized bathroom space. From over-the-toilet storage solutions to creative built-ins, these shelves will keep your powder room or primary bath tidy and free from clutter.

A wooden ladder shelf makes for an eye-catching towel rack in any bathroom, adding character and making sure all towels are organized by monogram or keeping extra washcloths close by. Use its rungs for monogrammed towels or keep extra washcloths tucked in your stash!


Trays add both function and style to bathroom storage. A beautiful office paper tray on a counter can hold items such as perfume bottles or hair ties, while filled with flowers creates an eye-catching vignette. Slim cabinets fit neatly between toilet and sink bases to store towels or cleaning products – the possibilities for use are limitless!

Hanging shelves over your door frames is another bathroom storage idea to maximize wasted space and make extra cotton balls and swabs accessible while adding visual interest to your decor.

Kyle Knight Design adds a vibrant pop of color with this faux python tray in this modern bathroom, providing a striking visual. A matching jar holds fresh flowers while the vanity boasts an iconic photo of Marilyn Monroe for an engaging, feminine vignette. By stacking multiple decorative trays on top of one another, counter space stays clear for daily tasks.


Baskets make an elegant way of concealing daily essentials in both family and guest bathrooms, from makeup brushes and eyeshadow palettes in decorative wire baskets on vanity drawers, to rustic towel organizers that fit both farmhouse aesthetics and boho chic design elements. If your wall space is limited, opt for simple grid towers as an organizing solution that keeps all toiletries organized yet out of sight.

Wicker storage bins add an elegant, natural element to any space, while offering convenient solutions for holding everything from folded hand towels and spare toothbrushes, to cleaning supplies and linens. Use one in a corner to hide cleaning supplies or set one next to the sink as an extra toilet paper roll stashing container.

Erika at Simply Beautiful DIYs provides an easy solution to transform an unused area above your door into the ideal spot for bathroom storage. In just four steps, Erika turns an old wooden wine crate into an organized solution for makeup and bathroom accessories storage needs.


Store extra towels, toiletries and cleaning supplies efficiently with bathroom cabinets that make efficient use of space. Available in various sizes and designs to complement any bath decor theme.

Get extra space out of vanity drawers quickly with this quick and simple organizational hack: installing a narrow shelf that slides past the sink for added storage of cosmetic items, skincare products or hair tools. A wicker basket adds texture and style while simple labels keep everything organized.

Make the most of wasted space with a freestanding space-saving cabinet designed to fit directly over your toilet. It holds extra toilet paper rolls, beauty products, and more behind a sliding door while its narrow top shelf glides over the tank for extra storage space below. An X-shaped metal support and bottom cross bar keep this piece stable and sturdy while its matching toilet paper holder completes its look for coordinated style.


No matter the size or style of your bathroom, drawers and cabinets can help keep it organized. Install cabinets with shelves or pull-out drawers to store towels, bath mats and supplies like toilet paper and hand soap within reach; or opt for a vanity that includes built-in drawers to maximize storage in your sink area; this way you have somewhere safe to tuck away extra cleaning products, toiletries or bulk items like cotton balls or swabs.

Step up the storage capacity of any wall cabinet with this easy behind-the-door hack. Adhere a magnetic strip inside a door to turn it into a convenient spot for grooming tools and accessories, such as bobby pins and hair clips, making this solution suitable for guest bathrooms, powder rooms or main bathrooms alike. Alternatively, install a wire rack that mounts directly inside of a shower door which provides both shelf and hanging space so as to corral supplies and towels more effectively.

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