Bathroom Accessories That Make Your Bathroom More Inviting

Bathroom accessories that add style can not only be functional but can make your space more welcoming as well. Try rustic galvanized tin jewelry trays or personalized tissue boxes with monogrammed names to complete the look.

Toothbrush holders range from ceramic cups to modern mounts that coordinate with your soap dispenser, and baskets and bins provide storage solutions for extra toilet paper, hot hair tools or guest bathroom essentials.

Towel Racks

Towel racks come in different forms – wall-mounted or freestanding and of various sizes – making them suitable for use either inside the home or as free-standing units. Some models even feature heating features to speed drying time and keep towels warmer for longer.

Standing racks feature multiple bars than their wall-mounted counterparts and can accommodate multiple towels at the same time, making them ideal for guest bathrooms and family members sharing one bathroom. Furthermore, standing racks can easily be moved around should you decide to remodel and change out your design scheme in your bathroom.

Towel hooks are small and convenient solutions, making them popular choices for hand towels rather than full-sized bath towels. In terms of space-saving considerations, towel hooks take up less area than towel bars or rings can and can easily be installed behind a door for fast installation in tight spaces – plus, their style complements any bathroom style!

Towel Rings

Towel rings provide an easy and accessible way to store hand towels while minimising clutter and creating organized storage and aesthetic appeal.

They come in an assortment of materials and finishes, making them suitable for almost any bathroom decor. You can choose sleek modern styles like chrome or brushed nickel that pair perfectly with stainless steel fixtures, or choose wooden towel rings to bring warmth and organic feel into the space.

As opposed to towel bars or racks, which require more wall space, towel rings offer a compact design that saves room in small bathrooms. For added convenience when adding or removing towels from their holders, consider investing in one with swivel action for easy rotation when adding or taking off one.

Toilet Paper Holders

Some toilet paper holders go beyond simply holding rolls of toilet paper – they offer decorative flair that transforms an everyday bathroom item into an eye-catching piece of functional decor. A hanging holder such as this one with macrame detailing adds a boho charm that pairs nicely with various decor styles, yet takes up little space when hanging. Big enough to accommodate two rolls, it also takes up minimal floor space once mounted on the wall.

Other holders are made in different creative shapes and designs to reflect a specific theme, like animal-shaped holders that add a cute element to children’s bathrooms. Many also feature shelves which make this type of holder ideal for extra toilet paper rolls – providing convenient storage solutions!

Another alternative is a standing holder with a pedestal, often made of materials such as chrome or stainless steel for an upscale aesthetic. Furthermore, intricate details on its pedestal add character and complete any traditional bathroom decor perfectly.

Magnifying Mirrors

Magnifying mirrors make grooming tasks such as applying makeup or shaving simpler. There are various styles and finishes of magnifying mirrors to match the style and decor of any bathroom, including fog-free mirrors that don’t need special cleaning products; you may even find models with both magnified and unmagnified sides for versatility.

Lighted magnifying mirrors add an aesthetic element to your bathroom space and can help reduce shadows that could hinder tweezing or shaving. Many lighted magnifying mirrors utilize energy efficient LED lighting that’s gentle on your eyes.

Wall-mounted and tabletop makeup mirrors can both provide ample lighting. If space is an issue, wall-mounted models save floor space while remaining hard to break. However, for bathrooms frequented by children or people prone to mishaps like adults who make frequent bathroom trips, tabletop mirrors may be easier for movement than their counterparts.

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