Unique Lighting Ideas to Brighten Your Home

Using unique lighting ideas to brighten your home is a fun way to add instant ambience to your home. There are countless places to place lights throughout your home. From reading a book to slicing a carrot, lighting enhances your home in an instant. Adding pops of illumination is an affordable way to add illumination to your home without breaking the budget. Some unique lighting ideas include using pendant bedside lights for a whimsical touch. Other lighting ideas include hanging mini lights or spotlights to highlight display items.

Your lighting selections should mimic the natural light in a room. Ambient lighting is light that fills a room and mimics the natural light. Lamps, pendants, wall lights, and sconces are examples of ambient lighting. You can also choose focused lights for task lighting, which can be incorporated into desk and reading lamps. Accent lighting is also useful in creating zoned pools of light or for adding separation in an open floor plan.

For a modern, industrial-themed look, you can hang bulbs without shades. The metal accents on the bulbs are also complementary to neutrals and colors. Pendant lights have become very popular in recent years. These lights can create a dramatic effect without becoming the focal point of the room. You can even use multiple pendant lights in one space to create a stunning effect. You can find more unique lighting ideas to brighten your home by visiting the websites mentioned above.

For a more contemporary look, try replacing your old bulbs with Edison bulbs. Edison bulbs are a great choice to spruce up even the dingiest of light fixtures. They can even add steampunk style to an otherwise dull room. If you rent a home, consider changing the bulbs of your chandelier or ugly ceiling fixture. There are several types of Edison bulbs available that you can choose from.

Farmhouse lighting is another great option for bringing a rustic feel to your home. These lighting ideas combine a modern fixture with a shabby chic element. You can also use an old lantern to hang over the dining room or breakfast nook. These fixtures will illuminate your room and blend in with your farmhouse style. In any room, you will want to consider the lighting that will compliment the design. There are many options available for lighting fixtures, from pendant lights to chandeliers.

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