Kitchen Backsplash Design Tips

So your kitchen backsplash has just been installed and you are now anxious to get started with decorating your kitchen. You want your new kitchen backsplash to be the center of attention, not the tile you’re working on. But to truly protect your kitchen backsplash, you need to learn how to properly clean and maintain your backsplashes. The fact is that a kitchen backsplash is usually among the first things a new chef sees when entering the kitchen, so it should be treated as such. Cleaning and maintaining your backsplashes is a simple matter, however it can become quite a chore if you do not know exactly how to go about doing it. Keep reading to find out how you can clean your kitchen backsplash with ease!

First, simply put, the easiest way to prevent your kitchen backsplash from becoming dirty is to not place it on top of your stove. Sure, you might have originally placed the stove above or even right next to your counters in the kitchen but now you have realized it would be a bad idea. Remember, a kitchen backsplash is meant to add depth to your kitchen and as such it is crucial that any items underneath be kept away from the heat of your stove. The cooking surface of the stove can quickly damage or even ruin your backsplashes, not to mention make your cooking tasks much more difficult.

Next, know that removing old ceramic tile or other surfaces from the wall is never a good idea. While tile removal is generally fairly easy, if you have underlying drywall or older carpeting, it can prove all too difficult. In addition, kitchen backsplashes are often lined along the baseboard of the wall. If your wall surface is lined with drywall, it is possible that over time this can become damaged. Not only does the seam between the new surface and old wallpaper get damaged, it also gives the appearance that your countertop is cracked.

So what is the real solution to keeping your kitchen backsplash design behind and out of sight? Simply choose a decorative tile insert! There are many different types of decorative tile insert available so it is important to choose one that fits seamlessly into your kitchen when designed by experts from kitchen design Orlando. If you look around, you will be amazed at how affordable this option can be. While you could always go with the traditional tiles, you can really jazz up this space by adding in decorative tiles that tie together in unique patterns or enhance the colors of the room.

For example, consider going with a mosaic tile design. Mosaic tiles come in a variety of natural and colorful designs so you can easily find one that matches your countertop and your kitchen cabinets. If you choose a mosaic tile design for your backsplashes, you can then choose an under cabinet border as well. This will give your kitchen an added visual depth while still allowing you to maintain the visual appeal of your counters and appliances.

If you are concerned about having a small kitchen, you should consider investing in some accent tiles. These are simple to install and they blend in perfectly with any countertop. Some popular choices include stone, brick, cobblestone, and even recycled glass tile. If you have a stainless steel sink, you can still choose a backsplash made of glass. This is because a stainless steel sink is already pretty much indestructible and there is no need to spend money on a backsplash made from ceramic, porcelain, or other materials that can break or chip.