Install Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Your Kitchen

Luxury vinyl floor tile or plank can be utilized over an expensive cement slab floor, above tile, or installed directly on a hardwood or concrete wall as a unique artistic accent instead of painted finish. Lifeproof rigid foam core luxury vinyl flooring is also a mainstay choice for the DIY home renovation due to its durable and easy maintenance, while providing a beautiful finished look. Vinyl floor tiles are available in a wide variety of colors and styles that can coordinate with any color scheme, type of room, or architectural style. They are very easy to care for, especially in high traffic areas such as the kitchen.

There are several considerations to keep in mind when deciding to use luxury vinyl tile or linoleum in your kitchen. One of the most important floor factors to consider is cleaning the floor regularly. Use a warm, damp mop to remove crumbs and spills immediately. Soft bristles brushes with a mild detergent or dish soap are fine for general dirt and stain control. Do not use hard bristled scrub brushes or scouring powders as these can scratch tiles.

Once spills are removed, be sure to clean all other spill locations with a clean, damp mop. Cleaning grout lines in between tiles is also important. With new vinyl flooring or tile flooring installed, check the grout lines between floors and be prepared to replace if needed. Be sure to properly line the entire kitchen with grout to ensure a seamless transition between floors.

Wood floors have a tendency to get scuff marks, scratches, and dulling spots that can occur with time. When using luxury vinyl tiles on wood floors, a wax coating is recommended to prevent scratches and protect new installation. If there are already scratches or scuffs in the wood floors, a new wax may be required to resurface the floor. Laminates will not scratch or dull wood floors, as they do not require any special treatment to look good.

If you have laminate flooring installed in your kitchen, be sure to clean and wax your new tile floor as soon as possible. Using an old soft mop or scrub brush, gently remove dust and dirt particles from a new installation. Wipe excess wax or moisture-resistant wax solution from the floors as you work to make sure nothing is left behind. For an added layer of protection, place a plastic sheet over the floor once waxed to help seal and protect new luxury vinyl flooring.

After waxing and sealing the subfloor, it is time to install luxury vinyl flooring on the entire sheet. Start by sweeping the sheet to make sure all the sides are covered. Work your way down the sheet and remove each individual tile. Follow the instructions for your particular floor type to ensure a good installation. Once your entire floor is installed, walk around the room to make sure the room is even.