Flooring Options For Your Kitchen

Choosing kitchen flooring can be a daunting task. Kitchen flooring selections have expanded from natural materials such as stone and ceramic tile to more durable synthetic materials. When remodeling or building a kitchen, homeowners should pay attention to not only the flooring, but also accessories such as cabinets, countertops and appliances. All these different areas will influence the final design and cost of your kitchen remodel.

One of the oldest choices, natural stone tile is a popular option for kitchen flooring these days. While not waterproof, natural stone tiles with the right finish are highly water-resistant. Spills should be wiped up immediately to prevent damage from stains. Natural stone floors can also be refinished to revamp the appearance, which can be particularly helpful if you’re re doing an older kitchen renovation and want to retain the style of the previous design. The biggest drawback to natural stone tile is that it can be expensive. Newer engineered marble and granite tiles are less expensive and may be slightly less expensive than natural stone tile.

Cork is gaining in popularity as an inexpensive alternative to other natural stone flooring materials. Cork flooring is highly waterproof and is relatively easy to install. There are several types of cork flooring to choose from including; hard, soft, and cork floating. Hard cork is the most durable and is typically recommended for more heavy traffic. Soft cork is a slightly cheaper option and is recommended for lighter-duty areas.

Vinyl is rapidly becoming a great option in many kitchens. Vinyl flooring is relatively inexpensive and easily installed. It has a long life span and is great for kitchens that are limited in space or for those that require easy cleaning. Due to the popularity of vinyl, you can easily find vinyl flooring for less than half the price of cork.

If budget is a constraining factor then herringbone is the perfect choice. Hringbone flooring is made of small strips of wood vertically laid on top of each other. It is a unique type of pattern and is perfect for choicest kitchen areas. While herringbone is a bit more expensive than other types of vinyl flooring, it is also one of the most durable. It will definitely last longer than most other types of material and you will not have to replace it as often.

Another great option for affordable kitchen flooring is porcelain tile flooring. It is ideal for new builds or renovating kitchens that have experienced wear and tear. Porcelain tile flooring is actually made from ceramic, the same material used to make tiles for homes. Like herringbone it too is easy to install but due to its uniqueness and lack of longevity you may want to consider another option. If budget is a constraining factor then porcelain tile flooring is an excellent choice.