5 Tips for Your Kitchen Makeover Project

Do you have plans to tackle your kitchen in a big way and give it a massive makeover? Kitchens are one of the most popular rooms in the home for upgrades and makeovers, and these investments tend to be wise as they offer a high rate of return. The problem is that a kitchen makeover can be rather overwhelming thanks to the options available in terms of design, material, and finishes, so how does a homeowner stay on track and budget?

We’ve got some essential tips you can use for your kitchen makeover project.

Choose a Realistic Budget

Most homeowners will have a budget they feel comfortable with but consider if it’s also realistic. If you have elegant and sophisticated tastes and expectations but an extremely low budget – there will be a disconnect between what you want and what you can afford. Sacrifices will need to be made to expectations of the money you’re willing to spend.

Use a Theme or Color Palette as the Anchor

A great way to ensure the kitchen design looks cohesive and makes sense is to choose a theme or color palette. This will act as the anchor and will play into each design decision moving forward. It should help you to decide on flooring, tiling, wall color, cabinet finish/color, appliances, and even the décor pieces.

Moving Walls – Make Sure to Hire Experienced Professionals

If the project includes a kitchen extension by moving walls and taking space from other rooms in the house, then it becomes a much bigger and more complex job. This isn’t something you should or can do on your own; instead, you need experienced professionals.

Any time you move, add or modify a wall, you need to think about how that affects the structural integrity of the home. If it’s a load-bearing wall then it’s not as simple as knocking it down. You may also need a permit, which is something the professionals will be able to advise on. Homeowners can hire a company like NCRI to do the work.

You May Need to Be Flexible with Materials

One issue that homeowners are running into with their makeover projects is getting materials that they want and on time. Supply chains are incredibly challenged across the world right now, which is making access to many goods and services difficult. Be prepared to be flexible about the materials you order.

Create a Customized Look with Mix and Match Finishes

If you’re craving the look of a customized kitchen but don’t necessarily have the budget for it, a smart design trick is to mix and match finishes. They don’t have to be high-end finishes; they just need to be finishes that work with the design. The result will be extremely unique, instantly giving that customized vibe.

The same mix and match rule can be applied to the use of texture, as you don’t want everything looking the same.

A Functional and Beautiful Space

Using all of these tips will ensure that your kitchen makeover project is a huge success and you create a space that is functional and beautiful.

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